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Le chiffre

The Stamped modern approach fits perfectly in our internal process.

Le Chiffre offers accounting services adapted to businesses in the digital age. Its clients include some of Québec’s most dynamic startups and SMEs, such as Transit, Oatbox and Heyday.

Its modern, technology-centred approach allows it to offer flexible and personalized service based on 4 pillars: cloud accounting, tax compliance, administrative excellence, advice and expertise.

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Stamped saves us time and has shrinked our year-end fees.

As a young and ambitious startup in the telecomunication industry, Oxio is going after large and well established competitors.

During summer 2018 they were on the verge on raising a significant funding round, when their investors asked for up-to-date financial statements. They turned to Stamped, and in a mather of 5 weeks they had them.

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