Stamped is rethinking audit.


Simon Langlois
Simon Langlois
Cofounder, CEO

Simon has spent six years in audit at PwC where he worked with both listed and private entities. He was also the first employee and Head of Finance at Poka for two years where he contributed to sales, hiring and finance as well as supporting the founders in raising $6.5M in two VC rounds.

Philippe Dionne
Philippe Dionne
Cofounder, CTO

Philippe is a self-taught full-stack developer with a business degree from Laval University. While freelancing, he led engineering at DirtyLemon where he built a remote team and oversaw development. He also contracted at FireEye, a public cybersecurity company.

Philippe Galarneau
Philippe Galarneau
CPA, Head of Operations

Philippe has more than six years of experience in accounting and tax. He has worked with various clients throughout different industries in Canada, the United States and Europe. He has an excellent knowledge of accounting standards and Canadian taxation.

Different by design

No titles

Traditional accounting firms are designed as walled gardens where it takes years to climb the ladder. This structure often fosters disenchantment and high turnover. We're taking a new direction - our organization is flat, and we win by working together.

No busy season

Technology enables us to dramatically reduce workload seasonality throughout the year. It allows us to have a work/life balance with occasional peaks.

Diverse team

We're a diverse team of technologists and accountants on a mission to rethink audit. We encourage personal growth and learning opportunities by creating cross-functional teams.

Technically literate

We strongly encourage everyone in our team to develop their technical skills. Since "software is eating the world", mastering modern tools enables us to have more impact.

Empowered by technology

We're driven by empowering people with technology, not the other way around. Professional judgment is fundamental, and human interaction is key to quality service.

From first principles

Reinventing an entrenched industry is hard. You must question everything, break it down into essential elements and reassemble them from the ground up. We apply this strategy to yield creative solutions to seemingly well-known problems.

Join our team

We're a diverse group of technologists and accountants on a mission to rethink audit.