Simple, transparent pricing.

All plans include unlimitted access to a dedicated CPA.

Showing prices when billed:
750  $

starting price

A compliance plan providing peace of mind in regards to your regulatory filings.

Corporate tax filing
T2, T3010, T5013, C017, TP985.22, TP600

Accounting and operational recommendations

Tax deduction optimization

1,450  $

starting price

For growing businesses that require compiled financial statements.

Notice to Reader

Balance Sheet

Income statement

Corporate tax filing
T2, T3010, T5013, C017, TP985.22, TP600

Accounting and operational recommendations

Tax deduction optimization

4,500  $

starting price

For industry leaders that require reviewed financial statements.

Review report

Balance Sheet

Income statement

Corporate tax filing
T2, T3010, T5013, C017, TP985.22, TP600

Statement of Cash flow and accompanying notes


Accounting and operational recommendations

Tax deduction optimization


Ideal for larger businesses that require an audit.


Add extras to any plan depending on your situation.


Are you planning to migrate your accounting software soon ? Avoid any errors by leveraging Stamped during this tedious process.

749 $ per use
Clean your books

If you feel like your books are messy, they probably are. But don’t worry, we can clean all that by using our technology and team !

Starting at 949 $
Shell Company

Some companies are only used as an investment vehicle or a future business venture. The very few transactions should be reflected in the price you pay.

249 $ per use
Back to the future

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s part of life. If some have been made in your prior tax returns, we’ll get you thoses credits and tax decuction for a small extra amount.

Starting at 949 $
Complex Transactions

At Stamped, we understand that even small businesses can face complex transactions. Whether it is for a tax restructuring, M&A or financing round, we’ll be there to figure that out and translate that properly within your financial statements.

249 $/use
Change in accounting standards

Accounting standards ask for continuity in the application of a given standard. Nevertheless, there are opportunities or events that incur in modifying existing accounting policies. We’ll help disclose that properly to your stakeholders.

Starting at 499 $ per change
Other tax filing

Stamped is dedicated to meeting all of your corporate compliance expectations. We’ll file your T5/R3 and T3/R16

249 $/use
Building blocks

Add blocks of information to your notice to read to please the users of your financial statements.

Cash Flow: Starting at 249 $
Notes: Starting at 199$ per note

Stamped is proud to support NPOs

We believe in supporting our local communities that is why NPOs are important to us.

Their positive impact is inspiring and we love to collaborate with them. We have helped organization tackling Social Economy issues, Isolation among Seniors, Culture and more. If your Non-Profit needs help, contact us to know more about our NPO pricing.

A tree for each financial statement

Though Stamped doesn’t make a physical product — our application powers financial statements for many businesses — our operations still contribute to global climate change. So, we decided to take action by advocating for positive environmental action.

Through our partnership with Tree Canada, Stamped plants one tree for each financial statement delivered. When you work with us, you're sharing our vision of sustainable business practices.


Frequently asked questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How does transferring from a previous auditor work?

Simply provide us with your current auditor contact information and we’ll take care of the transition.

We highly value peer relationships and do our best to ensure a smooth handoff.

I'm in the middle of the year, can I change auditors now?

Yes, you can change auditor now. Because Stamped works on a monthly basis, we can onboard you whenever you are ready.

Once you are onboarded, we catch up on the trailing months, starting from the beginning of your current period. We then return to our normal monthly schedule.

What happens if I'm disatisfied with Stamped?

We’d rather not see that happen, but in the event where we need to part ways, we are committed to:

  • Provide a complete collaboration with your new auditor
  • Provide your new auditor with a comprehensive and unlimited access to your data
Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) doing the work?

No, your dedicated auditor is doing it. We believe that human judgment is fundamental, and technology is there to supplement it. AI is used to automate some of the repetitive and simple tasks behind an audit.

Do you offer services other than certification and taxation?

No, we focus on providing great assurance services and making it seamless for your other business consultants to collaborate with us.

Can my accountant access my data?

Yes, your accountant can get access, and we actually encourage it. By bringing together your team and stakeholders on Stamped, everyone collaborates seamlessly.

If I use an accounting system that is not integrated, can I still do business with Stamped?

Yes, Stamped works with all types of software, all platforms combined.

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