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Year-ends you can look forward to

Stamped takes care of your year-end financials from start to finish so you can focus on your business, using a smart mix of seasoned CPAs and technology.

Get going in about 10 minutes

Easy Onboarding
Easy Onboarding

Let our Onboarding Specialist setup your account within the platform where all the documents and status update take place !

Connect accounting system
Connect accounting system

Simply connect your accounting system and your bank accounts. The rest is in our hands.

File & Receive
File & Receive

Receive your financial statements we are committed to deliver our report within one month after the closing of your books.


Make smart decisions with accurate information

A business needs quality information to make good decisions, and mistakes are costly. Our smart mix of seasoned CPAs and technology yields high-quality financial statements, so you can make the best decisions.

Smart decisions

Connect your accounting system and save time

We connect seamlessly with your accounting system and securely fetch your numbers. No more mundane data extraction for everyone.


We work with you and your

Invite your collaborators whenever information is required in the process, requests are directed at the right person instantly.


Meet. Connect. Get.


Frequently asked questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How does transferring from a previous auditor work?

Simply provide us with your current auditor contact information and we’ll take care of the transition.

We highly value peer relationships and do our best to ensure a smooth handoff.

I'm in the middle of the year, can I change auditors now?

Yes, you can change auditor now. Because Stamped works on a monthly basis, we can onboard you whenever you are ready.

Once you are onboarded, we catch up on the trailing months, starting from the beginning of your current period. We then return to our normal monthly schedule.

What happens if I'm disatisfied with Stamped?

We’d rather not see that happen, but in the event where we need to part ways, we are committed to:

  • Provide a complete collaboration with your new auditor
  • Provide your new auditor with a comprehensive and unlimited access to your data
Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) doing the work?

No, your dedicated auditor is doing it. We believe that human judgment is fundamental, and technology is there to supplement it. AI is used to automate some of the repetitive and simple tasks behind an audit.

Do you offer services other than certification and taxation?

No, we focus on providing great assurance services and making it seamless for your other business consultants to collaborate with us.

Can my accountant access my data?

Yes, your accountant can get access, and we actually encourage it. By bringing together your team and stakeholders on Stamped, everyone collaborates seamlessly.

If I use an accounting system that is not integrated, can I still do business with Stamped?

Yes, Stamped works with all types of software, all platforms combined.

Ready for a year-end that feels effortless?

Let us handle your business' financials
in the simplest way.

See how it works

Peek inside what makes our CPAs the best in the industry by enabling their full potential with the most cutting edge AI technology available right now.

See our pricing

Transparent pricing that you will understand. No more surprises, add the extras that matters for you and simply call it a day.