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Stamped for Bookkeepers

Manage financials with your clients

Stamped makes it easy for bookkeepers, their clients and our auditors to work together on year-end. Our partners get access to discounted rates for their clients.


Practical at any size

1-2 customers, includes:

Free tax filing for your firm

Dedicated CPA

10% discount on Stamped AI platform fee for your first 2 clients with us

Dashboard to manage all your clients year-ends

Free marketing collateral to showcase our partnerships

Free updates and tools on compliance & accounting best practices

Adopt Adopt
3-15 customers, includes:

Everything in Discover, plus:

Our Stamped partner Badge on your website

Get listed in our Partners directory

15% ongoing discount on the Stamped AI platform fee. Grow your revenues or invest in your customer relationship, it's up to you.

Accelerated support on all your inquiries

Scale Scale
16+ customers, includes:

Everything in Adopt, plus:

Dedicated Stamped account manager

Get Featured in our Partners Directory

25% ongoing discount on the Stamped AI platform fee. Grow your revenues or invest in your customer relationship, it's up to you

Accelerated support on all your inquiries Direct support for your own customers

Direct support for your own customers

World-class auditing technology
Dedicated auditors
For you

Your dedicated account manager is there to guide you through your transition to Stamped, and onboard your clients.

For your clients

Each of your clients gets a dedicated audit team. Stamped auditors work in-house, and respond to messages within one business day.

World-class auditing technology
Take compliance off your shoulders
For you

No more busy-season peaks of crazy overtime. Provide your clients with delightful audit services, while you focus on strengthening your advisory relationships.

For your clients

You and your clients receive deliverables within one month after the closing of your client's year-end books.

World-class auditing technology
World-class auditing technology
For you

One dashboard to access all your clients' financials. Check in on the engagement's progress, or chat with our team as desired.

For your clients

Your clients connect their accounting system to Stamped, and our team handles the rest. Year-end procedures have never been simpler.

How it works


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Meet your dedicated account manager

Our team works remotely and responds within one business day. You can easily at any time book a meeting with your dedicated account manager for more assistance.


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Connect your accounting system

We integrate with the services you use, such as QuickBooks and Xero. Any documents required during the process can be uploaded directly on the platform with our encrypted document sharing feature.


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Receive your financial statements

Every year the system becomes smarter and learn from your books to make the next year even more seamless and notify you of any issues in your books !

You're going to love it

At Stamped, we believe that you shouldn't put everything aside for several months because of your audit. An elephant can be eaten, but one slice at a time.


Stamped partners spend significantly less time running year-end


Stamped partners make their workflows simpler


Stamped partners find our auditors better at resolving issues

Ready for a year-end that feels effortless?

Let us handle your business' financials
in the simplest way.