Meet your dedicated auditor.
Our team works in-house and responds within one business day.



Connect your accounting system.

We integrate with the services you use, such as QuickBooks and Xero.



Receive your financial statements.
We commit to delivering our report within one month after the closing of your books.

Transparent pricing

We believe pricing should be simple and predictable. We evaluate your business based on two components: size and complexity.

Size is driven by your business' revenues and represents the base fee.

Complexity is driven by elements such as multi-currency operations, inventory, consolidation, hedge accounting, etc. Each additional element is accretive.

Save time

We know how frustrating it can be to repeat yourself and to sift through messy communications.

Our system is built for efficiency. We gain a deep understanding of your business by looking into your data and limit your input to key areas.

With Stamped simply connect your accounting and banking data in one click; it’s then automatically refreshed every month.

In the end, it’s all about giving you more time to do the things that love.

Fast turnaround

Delivered fast, audited financial statement can help you take better decisions.

We’ve built our service to remove bottlenecks and process information as quickly as your team can provide it.

We are committed to completing your deliverables within one month after the closing of your year-end books.


How does transferring from a previous auditor work?

Simply provide us with your current auditor contact information and we’ll take care of the transition. We highly value peer relationships and do our best to ensure a smooth handoff.

I'm in the middle of the year, can I change auditors now?

Yes, you can change auditor now. Because Stamped works on a monthly basis, we can onboard you whenever you are ready.

Once you are onboarded, we catch up on the trailing months, starting from the beginning of your current period. We then return to our normal monthly schedule.

We're different

Continuous audit

Stamped performs a small part of the audit each month, making it simpler for your team to document recent events.

Monthly billing

Because we perform work each month, we also bill monthly. Forecast your expenses by knowing what to expect from your year-end fees.

Collaborative platform

Stamped brings together your team, your stakeholders and our auditors to keep everyone on the same page.


Our work is done remotely. The time when auditors would monopolize a conference room in your office is over.

Simplified workflow

Simply connect your accounting system and your bank accounts. The rest is in our hands.

Unmatched accuracy

Computers are good at crunching numbers and humans are good at understanding them. Combining both yields the best results.

Become a client

We're ready to welcome you onboard.