Supercharge your practice

We handle your clients' compliance while you get a competitive edge. Becoming a Stamped partner lets you strengthen advisory relationships, and focus on growing your business.

We decided to partner with Stamped to rely on trustworthy people. Highly professional, their presence on our side makes our position in the current market even stronger. We trust this will enable us to grow our projects even more quickly.

We strive to enhance SMBs. We've set for ourself the goal to make accounting a strategic tool instead of a chore. Stamped's value proposition is a natural extension of our vision. I'm extremely excited about their launch.

Why partner with Stamped?

Dedicated auditors
Take compliance off your shoulders
World-class auditing technology
For you

Your dedicated account manager is there to guide you through your transition to Stamped, and onboard your clients.

For you

No more busy-season peaks of crazy overtime. Provide your clients with delightful audit services, while you focus on strengthening your advisory relationships.

For you

One dashboard to access all your clients' financials. Check in on the engagement's progress, or chat with our team as desired.

For your clients

Each of your clients gets a dedicated audit team. Stamped auditors work in-house, and respond to messages within one business day.

For your clients

You and your clients receive deliverables within one month after the closing of your client's year-end books.

For your clients

Your clients connect their accounting system to Stamped, and our team handles the rest. Being audited has never been simpler.

Partner with Stamped

Our team is ready to get you started today.